South Naples Citrus Grove

South Naples Citrus Grove

We enjoyed our visit to South Naples citrus grove. The first thing that I noticed when we pulled up is that the parking lot was packed. This is a popular spot for locals and visitors a lot to visit. The market had a lot more to sell than just oranges. They had honey, fruits, vegetables, soaps and candles. Right up my ally. We got some orange ice cream which was really good. It was more of a sorbet though, so it didn’t pair well with a cone but overall I enjoyed it.  One thing I didn’t realize until we got there but in hindsight it made sense was that different varieties of oranges grow in different seasons. The general harvesting season is in the winter and early spring. we got there in time for some fresh cara and sugar bell varieties. We also picked up some grapefruits which I never really liked until I moved to Florida. I think the varieties here are less bitter in the rind, and have a nice sweet tartness to them. Another nice little feature is that I often see produce from this grove at the local farmers markets, so if you want to buy some of their produce but not miss opportunities of other vendors, you can find them.

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