Summer Vacant House Checklist

Vacant House Checklist
  • To control indoor humidity, set the humidistat to 63% and the thermostat to 78%. Note: humidistat settings are very sensitive. In general 60% is sufficiently dry and 65% is quite damp. 
  • For surge protection, unplug any electronic components such as TV’s, computers or appliances, except refrigerators. Unplug the washer and dryer, and turn off water to the washer. Also flip circuit breaker for the hot water heater. Make sure power is left on for the irrigation system. Turn off outside lights (recommended).
  • For the refrigerator, empty ice and turn off the ice maker. If you leave some items in the refrigerator use plastic or glass containers (cans will rust). Place a box of baking soda in the refrigerator and freezer to control odor.
  • If you don’t need to irrigate, turn off the water main. Once the water is off, flush the toilet to drain the upper tank and pour a cup of bleach in each toilet bowl and cover with plastic wrap. Tape or plastic wrap drains to prevent insects.
  • Lubricate garbage disposal by briefly running it with a little WD40. Leave the dishwasher and washing machine doors slightly ajar by placing a towel in the door.
  • Lock all windows and doors. Close blinds to keep the house cooler and prevent fading.
  • Call utility companies (internet, water if applicable, cable) and have them put hold on your account.
  • Go online to to have the post office put a hold on your mail.
  • Leave closet doors ajar, turn off fans.
  • Pull in all patio furniture that could become projectiles during a storm. Keep storm shutters and panels accessible for a friendly neighbor or home watch company to put on in case of a storm.
  • Leave a copy of your key with a friendly neighbor or homewatch company.
  • Give this friendly neighbor your summer address and phone number, and ask them to check on your house every so often while you’re away.
If leaving a car
  • Wash and wax outside, fill the gas tank and put stabilizer in it, put appropriate pressure in car tires. Disconnect the negative battery terminal or have a friendly neighbor start it periodically. 
  • Buy a car cover. 
  • Leave the car in park with the hand brake off.
  • If in a garage, make sure there is rodent control. If outdoors, cover any areas with steel wool like exhaust pipe and air intake to prevent rodents, put moth balls inside the car.

For a printable PDF  Summer Vacant House Checklist

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